Vivid Audio Speaker Cable

Our speaker cables represent our audio-thinking in a microcosm. Only pure cotton and pure precious metals are used. Nothing more is needed, nothing less will work. Our goal is to reduce the audio cable to its essence, removing all extraneous, music-deadening materials and components.

At Vivid Audio we favor the elegantly simple solution over the "more is better" approach. We studied the roots of audio electronics and were drawn to the immediacy and naturalness provided by a single strand of wire covered with non-capacitive cotton insulation. Vivid speaker cables are the realization of our simple, reductionist concepts for ultra fidelity audio cables- pure silver conductors and unbleached cotton insulation (dielectric). No spades, no bananas, no teflon, no wrist-thick "snakes" on the floor. That's it. Nothing more is needed and nothing less will work.

Our "hand made in the USA" cables do not come spilling off a giant spool. Each cable is hand-crafted in our facility in Atlanta, GA. Click the links to the left for more details on our two lines of speaker cables, Vivid Flat Silver, our premium line, and the economical Vivid Round Silver.

All Vivid cables feature a one year parts and labor warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship.


All Vivid cables proudly carry our 1 year, parts and labor warranty. The quality and sonic performance of Vivid Audio products speak for themselves. Please call or email us for assistance in selecting your new audio system or component.

100% Risk-Free Trial - 2 Weeks in Home!

Vivid Audio products are available directly from Earthshaking Music Inc., parent company of Vivid Audio. Vivid Standard products are available for a 2 week, satisfaction guaranteed, trial period. This includes standard length cables and Standard series electronics. Special Order electronics and custom length cables are built to order and are not returnable.

To try Vivid Audio in your home or studio, simply purchase the products you want from our show room in Atlanta or from the Earthshaking Music website. You have two weeks from the date you receive the items to audition them. If you wish to return the items you pay only the shipping costs, if applicable. Returned items, packaging and documents must be in new condition or you will be charged a restocking fee to cover lost or damaged items.