Vivid Audio Speaker Cable Flat

Vivid Silver Flat cables are very fast and natural, with articulate, detailed bass, rich, transparent midrange, and smooth, lively highs with no glare. Vivid Silver Flat transfers the maximum in emotional energy, realism and nuance. Vivid cables will faithfully convey your music from source to speaker with ultra fidelity. The difference in sound is not subtle.

These beautiful "hand made in the USA" cables do not come spilling off a giant spool. Rather, each one is lovingly hand built of individual ribbons of pure silver sewn into our sleek, elegant, proprietary cotton cover, one at a time with NO termination (no spades or bananas) for the ultimate in musicality. Available in Black or Natural.

The Details

Vivid Silver Flat speaker cables each contain two thin, flat silver ribbons (for both hot and ground legs, assessed for direction) which live in a hand-sewn jacket of comfortable natural, or sexy black, cotton fabric w/ purple stitching. The flat, thin wire offers low DC resistance and maximum skin (surface area) to cross-sectional-area ratio.

From a signal's point of view, the ideal conductor shape would consist of all surface and no interior, or core. Obviously, there is a point of diminishing returns. If the wire is too thin (a foil, for example) it will have minimal strength and reliability. One wrong step and dooh! That's not what you want.

What you want is Vivid Flat Silver wire, the perfect balance of durability and sound. It's designed to install directly to your amp and speaker binding posts with no additional termination (i.e. no spades, no bananas) providing maximum music transfer. Simply pinch the flat wire under the binding post and your ready to listen. (Don't bend, spindle or mutilate the fine silver ribbon. It's not necessary and it makes the silver look ugly.)

Just the Facts

  • High purity silver ribbon for both conductors, marked for direction.
  • All conductors are assessed for direction using the most sophisticated test equipment available (our ears) prior to assembly.
  • No termination (no spades or bananas) for best sound and fit.
  • Original design, hand sewn 100% natural cotton insulation maintains ribbon spacing and position and naturally damps vibration.
  • No synthetics or plastic as dielectric. (We do use a tiny piece of shrink for color coding)
  • Your music will feel good in 100% cotton.
  • No metal plating on wire and no complex cable geometry.
  • No batteries, no active shielding, no passive shielding.
  • We do not use or recommend any "accelerated burn-in" equipment.
  • Available in natural or black cotton jacket.
  • All Vivid cables ship in a reusable zipper cloth bag.
  • Available in 4 standard lengths: 6', 8', 10' and 12'.

A Note on Vivid Pricing

We have opted to use a direct sales model for all Vivid products. This means we sell direct, from the manufacturer, to you. No dealers, no distributors. This streamlining of our sales channel has resulted in a substantial reduction in our Direct pricing, with no loss of quality or service. In many cases, our new, Direct price is half (50%) of the prior Retail List price.


All Vivid cables proudly carry our 1 year, parts and labor warranty. The quality and sonic performance of Vivid Audio products speak for themselves. Please call or email us for assistance in selecting your new audio system or component.

100% Risk-Free Trial - 2 Weeks in Home!

Vivid Audio products are available directly from Earthshaking Music Inc., parent company of Vivid Audio. Vivid Standard products are available for a 2 week, satisfaction guaranteed, trial period. This includes standard length cables and Standard series electronics. Special Order electronics and custom length cables are built to order and are not returnable.

To try Vivid Audio in your home or studio, simply purchase the products you want from our show room in Atlanta or from the Earthshaking Music website. You have two weeks from the date you receive the items to audition them. If you wish to return the items you pay only the shipping costs, if applicable. Returned items, packaging and documents must be in new condition or you will be charged a restocking fee to cover lost or damaged items.