Vivid Audio Interconnects Gold

Vivid Gold interconnects are the realization of our reductionist concepts for ultra fidelity audio cables- in this case a 24k gold conductor, a large ground, and unbleached natural cotton insulation (dielectric). That's it! Nothing more is needed and nothing less will work. Your music feels good in cotton!

Our goal is to reduce the audio cable to its essence, removing all extraneous, music-deadening materials and components. At Vivid Audio we favor the elegantly simple solution over the "more is better" approach. We studied the roots of audio electronics and were drawn to the immediacy and naturalness provided by a single strand of wire covered with non-capacitive cotton insulation.

Vivid Gold interconnects use small-guage, 24 carat, gold wire for one reason- gold does the least harm to the signal. Yes, gold is a little more resistive (a higher DCR) than silver. Yes, gold costs about 57 times more than silver. And, yes, you CAN hear a difference. Believe me, if the sound wasn't a whole lot better, we would not use solid 24 carat gold wire.

Vivid Gold interconnects are made with Eichmann Silver Bullet RCA plugs (also not a low cost component) as they harm the signal the least and provide maximum music transfer.

Vivid Audio music cables are elegant and high-value audio products designed to provide natural, dynamic, music reproduction in your home or studio. Vivid cables are very fast and natural, with articulate, detailed bass, rich, transparent midrange, and smooth, lively highs with no glare. Vivid cables will faithfully convey your music from source to speaker with ultra fidelity. Your music feels good in cotton!

Just the Facts

  • High purity (24k) fine-gauge, solid gold conductor for hot (+) leg.
  • All conductors are assessed for direction using the most sophisticated test equipment available (our ears) prior to assembly.
  • Eichmann Silver Bullet RCA plugs for best sound.
  • Braided 100% natural cotton insulation with extremely low capacitance and natural damping. Your music will feel good in 100% cotton.
  • No synthetics or plastic touching the conductors- anywhere.
  • No plating on wire and no complex cable geometry.
  • No active or passive shielding.
  • Made entirely, and lovingly, by hand in Atlanta GA- no mile-long cable reels or soldering robots.
  • We do not use or recommend any "accelerated burn-in" equipment.

Available in 4 standard lengths: .5m, 1m, 1.5m and 2 meters.