Atlanta Audio Society

November 20th, 2005
Atlanta Audio Society

Dave & Lisa Strohauer owner/operators of this unique and interesting multi-theme shop hosted this meeting. We enjoyed two showrooms featuring their line of high-sensitivity Cain & Cain loudspeakers and launch a new line of in-house developed Vivid Si66 stereo integrated tube amplifiers. We also viewed the upcoming purist model Si74 20 wpc integrated Cascode amplifier. The able staff engineers and assembles amplifiers and other electronics in their own facilities with loving care, including 24K Gold conductor interconnects, speaker cables, CD D/A converters and other goodies. LP is also featured with relish including products by Sumiko and others. Antique Audio Labs and LA Audio gear among others are also featured.

This is one of the most welcoming pro Music, Audio Shops and Fine Instrument shops in our region staffed by a most accommodating and knowledgeable staff. Several members brought their favorite CD or LPs.

As a bonus, chief in-house designer Randy Cale conducted a short clinic covering Cascode Tube Amp design.

Rap Artist BG

Rap Artist BG filming a video in the Vivid Audio showroom at Earthshaking Music in Atlanta. One artist (in Red shirt) and a crew in excess of 40!

International Consumers Electronics Show

Vivid Audio is proud to be showing our Vivid Gold 24k interconnects in conjunction with Redpoint Audio Design and E.A.R electronics in AP1761 (Alexis Park 1761). Come see us if you are in Vegas.

The International Consumer Electronics Show

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

We showed our cables to the audiophile/music public for the first time in two very popular exhibit rooms at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - the Almarro room and the Cogent True-to-Life room. Reactions to our retro-innovative cables were very positive. Almarro offers a growing high quality line of hand made electronics and speakers made in Japan by Yoshihiro Muramatsu.

We demoed the full Vivid line with Yoshi's very revealing electronics and MOA speakers to great effect. First I used the Vivid Silvers for a few hours. Yoshi thought they sounded very good and fast, revealing details he had never heard before. When I put the Vivid Gold in the system his eyes got big. Yoshi had never heard pure gold interconnects before. He loved the Vivid Gold so much he didn't want to go back to silver for the rest of the show!

In the Cogent True-to-Life room we provided multiple sets of Vivid Gold and Vivid Silver ICs to wire a fairly complex system which featured a Cogent True-to-Life full range field coil horn speaker system, custom tube amps by the Dowdy Lama, a VRS Audio Systems Revelation Platinum digital playback system, a DEQX PDC-2.6P digital processor and a lovely Teres Audio turntable.