Vivid Audio Electronics

Compared to most other hi-fi products on the market, Vivid Audio products sound different and they look different. They sound very natural and real and they look purposeful. We have no interest in making slick, black boxes with lots of little black buttons. No fun, no soul. We've put a lot of thought into the "look and feel" of our products. We use natural materials- cotton, wood, stone, and precious metals, because they contribute to natural, open sound. Vivid products are substantial and they are nice to touch. Beyond materials and design, all Vivid products are hand-crafted with love and passion for music at our shop in Atlanta, GA.

Vivid Audio Amps

There are an almost infinite number of ways to design an amplifier circuit. Most of the classic designs were created 40 to 50 (or more) years ago. Nonetheless, we are designing and building circuits that are radically different from anything seen before. Our underlying quest for simplicity and purity has led to a distillation of the preceding decades of amplifier design, to it's essence. All amplifier circuits are hand-wired for the best sound and years of service. Nothing more is needed, nothing less will work.

Vivid Audio T:dac

Currently in development, the T:dac is a high quality, natural sounding, battery powered, modified Kusonoki-style dac with with linestage functionality. Key design components are transformer volume controls, input-impedance matching, and polarity switching on the dac section (Google Wood effect for more details).