Vivid Audio Chameleon

3 Input Stereo Integrated Ultra-Fi Amplifier

"Finally I've found an integrated tube amplifier which bridges the gap between live and home reproduced music. It is the Chameleon from Vivid Audio and available direct from Earthshaking Music in Atlanta, Georgia." This quote is from a review from Chameleon owner Bruce Schlein.

Similar in concept to the Si66T and designed by Randy Cail, the stunning new Vivid Chameleon single-ended (pentode), class A stereo amp (with passive volume control) adds potted transformers, input switching (for 3 inputs standard), onboard power line filtering, hand-finished, premium wood veneers and other exclusive circuit innovations designed to serve the music and delight the eye.

Bruce also said: "This system has gotten me closer to the live experience than any I have heard or owned and at a rational price for the total system."

Entirely hand crafted in the USA with all point-to-point hand-wired fine silver circuitry, the Chameleon features custom-wound transformers and chokes made in the USA.

With the supplied 6V6 output tubes, the Chameleon makes about 6 glorious watts per channel. This should be sufficient for most speakers in the 94db/w/m range and up, depending on your listening tastes and room size etc... Please call us for advice if you are contemplating matching this amp to your exisiting speakers.

For tube hobbyists, the use of a single, ubiquitous 6SN7 or an exotic ECC32 front-end tube allows for maximum tube rolling enjoyment. And yes, the best part is you only need one tube! Now you can try the most exotic, rare NOS front end tube without having to buy a pair of tubes. Plug in an ECC33 tube for more gain (higher input sensitivity) if your source has a lowish output voltage. The Chameleon will reveal the true differences in your input rectifier and power tubes. Rectifer options include 5R4, 5U4, 5Y3, 6106, 6087, GZ-34, and GZ-37. The range of output tubes is even more amazing- with plug-and-play options including 6F6, 6K6, 6L6, 6V6, EL34, 350B, KT63, KT66, KT77, KT88 and 6550.

Structurally, the Chameleon features a thick, laminated wood base (stone base optional) for mass loaded damping of vibration, and a three ply laminated deck-plate composed of a layer of aluminum, phenolic and hand-finished copper for strength, vibration damping and beauty.

We expect the second production of Vivid Chameleon integrated amps to be ready to ship mid-October. We are taking orders for this limited (8 pc) run. If you are interested in learning more about this amp, or other Vivid Audio products, please contact us. We're happy to help.