Vivid Audio is a small, dedicated company devoted to the development of ultra-fidelity audio products. We are passionate about music. We feel strongly that system synergy is of greater significance than any other single factor. Therefore, our long-term goal is to hand craft complete home audio systems for your enjoyment.


Our mission is to design and produce original, elegant and high-value audio products that provide natural, dynamic music reproduction in your home or studio. We build Vivid products the only way we know how- to sound as good as we can possibly make them and to last a lifetime. We offer Vivid products direct to you in order to provide maximum value and superior customer service. If you have a question regarding a Vivid product, wouldn't you rather ask the man who designed and built it?


Our design approach, be it for cables, speakers or amplifiers, is holistic and empirical, based on years of intense prototyping and building, and most importantly, subjective, critical listening. Without critical listening (of every aspect of every component), even the best design is only partially realized.

At roughly 25 years into the "digital era" we are at a unique place in history. We could chose any of a number of seemingly valid and mature technologies for our products. And yet we still firmly embrace vacuum tube technology. In case you're too young to remember, tubes were considered by many to be obsolete by the early '70s. Thousands, maybe millions, of guitarists, as well as the pioneers of the modern tube Hi-Fi renaissance, thought otherwise.